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“ Infinite Fruit Co.,Ltd.”  is  a  product  provider company which  our establishment   based   on   the   basic  needs   of  safety   for   our customers.We want to represent from each of our selecting step to producing  step  that  the fruits we provide are guaranteed with our highest quality control as for to meet customers most benefit.

And if you are looking for other kinds of fresh and frozen fruits. we are highly willing to be part of your service.

Nowadays, fruits and the transforming process are infinity developed and widely expanded into other parts of foods, interestingly and divisibly.Therefore, we are asking to be the one who you trust to assort all the most satisfied quality products for you.

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"Ruby Mangosteen"
Total ORAC "Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity"

antioxidant activity nearly 7,ooo

The higher the ORAC value,the move effective the antioxidant's capacity against free radical damage.
  Fresh Mangosteen
The mangosteen help improve the immune system and blood circula-tion. Strengthen the body's ability to fight disease
  Fresh Mango
All Years
Mango contains fiber lower choleste-rol and promote healthy digestion, but fiber has also been shown to aid weight loss.
  Fresh Durian
Durian fruit flesh contains many nutrients, which are carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber, calcium, phospho-rus folic acid, magnesium, ....
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